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Icon Web Development creates innovative and practical marketing solutions for small businesses by helping newly founded companies establish their online presence. We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, start-ups, and mom & pop shops succeed by inspiring them to voice their brand, build local relationships, and maintain lasting connections with their clientele.


Icon Web Development helps local companies, build their online presence by providing continuity between website development, branding, content creation, digital marketing materials and Search Engine Optimization.


It is our commitment to help entrepreneurs, start-ups, and local businesses thrive by delivering quality digital content that inspires lasting connections.




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By investing in Icon Web Development you are able to ensure your clients are getting the best first impression of who you are and the services you have to offer. Current rates are $75.00 hourly for site design, content creation, and branding, however SEO work is billed at $100.00 hourly. Project length and time are estimated prior to any work being performed and depend on amount of work requested.


For a FREE estimate please contact us so we can get to know you and understand what you are looking for.  If you already have a standing website, please contact us for a FREE audit to know where you currently stand, and how you could improve your website.  As well, not sure if a job fits into our service categories? Please reach out and ask!

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